TIP102 Darlington Transistor

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Bipolar Darlington-Pair transistor, common on solid-state machines on the driver board.

  • 100 Volt
  • 8 Amp
  • 2 Watt
  • Through Hole
  • TO-220AB Case

 This is a darlington-pair transistor, which essentially means it is two transistors piggy-backing one on top of the other, to provide a much higher current gain than usual. The advantages are that it can switch 8 amps without needing a high base current - Beta values of 100 are typical for standard transistors, which would require 80mA of current to fully saturate. A darlington-pair can have a current gain (Beta) of over 200. However, it is impossible to fully-saturate the output transistor. A heatsink would be a good idea!