Who We Are

The Tynan Pinball ball started rolling in 2019, but the story begins a long time earlier. First introduced to a Bally Bongo in 1972, we have had a love of pinball for decades. Not just playing the game, but also a fascination with the internal workings of the average machine.

From relays to score motors, flippers to DMDs. It's an incredibly complex world beneath the playfield, and we are drawn as much to the underside of it as we are to playing the game.

First invented in the USA in the early part of the last century, the game has weathered many a storm. In an era of silent, virtual gaming and virtual reality, it's nice to know that the demon ball can still evoke terror and joy as it cascades from pop bumpers to drop-targets, from flippers to outlanes. The obituary of pinball has been written more than once. Against all odds, there are companies around the world still producing pinball machines. We created Tynan Pinball to further that aim. We stock replacement pinball parts, but due to shipping costs and general export headaches, we no longer ship anything outside of Ireland. However, if you have a particular part you need, drop us an email. We might be able to help.

Mostly these days, we fix machines. From ancient electromechanical beasts from beyond the dawn of time, through to the more modern machines coming out of Stern and other manufacturers. If you need your machine serviced or repaired, get in touch using our support email address: support@tynanpinball.com. We don't bite.

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